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Grantech is a leading supplier of Quartz, Marble and Natural Granite worktops in the North West, including Flintshire, Cheshire and North Wales. Enhance the beauty of your home and revitalise your working environment with spectacular and unique natural stone worktops. Our clients are our main priority. Our state of the art facility in Buckley, enables us to bring our clients dreams to life with designs and materials to suit every aspiration and budget.


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Intermac Waterjet Machine ready for March 2022

Managing Director, Gregg Ashfield, getting ready for the delivery of our new Intermac Water Jet Machine. We’re continuously growing and use industry leading machinery to achieve the best results.

Gregg Intermac

At Grantech, besides our main focus of customer satisfaction, we pay great attention to detail of work. In March 2022, we’re introducing a completely new WaterJet cutting machine to provide first class quality, precision and finish.

Industry Leaders in Waterjet machinery is the reason why we’ve chosen Intermac as the solution for cutting our stone, quartz and marble. They are ideal for creating any type of complex profile.




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